Marketing9 Must-Have Skills Every Social Media Marketer Should Possess

9 Must-Have Skills Every Social Media Marketer Should Possess

Social Media Marketer

Social Media Marketing didn’t even exist a decade ago, and until recently the task of Social Media Marketing was not popular. However, today with the many different social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Social Media Marketing has become an essential part of the world. It has revolutionized the way people communicate and interact, consuming information from the various search engines, and being a decision maker of ones thoughts.

Fast forwarding the decade, every organization now employs a full time social media marketer who use their creative and marketing skills but along with analytical, technical and a bit of project management skills to bring the traffic to the product…

Here we bring to you the 9 needed skills to be a successful Social Media Marketer:

1. Passion For Social Media
If you have a passion for social media and platforms, you are in the right place. A social media marketer should put out his heart in words he tweets and status updates he offers. When you indulge in such passion, you would find yourself tweeting and blogging all the time. This certainly helps an organization to be around peoples mind all the time though the various social platforms.

2. Being a critic
Being a critic is the fundamental requirement for any social media marketer. They must understand how to dig deep and analyse each social media network and how they can benefit from it. They must be able to understand which social media would work well for what task and also try to maximize their benefits from that particular medium.

3. Analytical Skills
What a social media marketer would be without his analytical thinking? You should have the knowledge of the vast data available today, revealing the customer behaviours and marketing approaches. You should be able to look beyond the current trends and should know which posts will create an image.

4. Budget Estimates
For paid ads on Google and other sources, a social media marketer will be allocated with a specified budget by the management. Apart from ads, sometimes you are paid for accessing some tools, images and designs for presenting the brand. So you must be well aware of the various costs and using them right on the best tools and designs. The management won’t tell you how to budget the spending, so you ought to pursue this vital skill.

5. Service to customers
The customer comes first! Social media is the first thing that comes to your customers mind when he wants to reach out to the company easily. According to a recent report, only 30% of businesses use social media as their medium to solve customers’ issues. This shows a big thumbs down for providing remarkable customer experience. hence, make sure you have all the conversational skills and solutions to take care of.

6. Impersonation
An aspect that most of us miss out on is improvisation. Being an expert in handling social media puts forward dealing with lot of situations, especially customers, good and bad. Having the right attitude to handle situations with empathy is a must. Be patient, relaxed and responsive. Make sure you run your role like a BOSS!

7. Networking
By networking, we don’t mean you should physically connect hardware or any piece on your system. Social media marketer is the face of public relations. It is you who will be indulging in all prospect and existing clients to get your business going. Learn to make relations with new clients and get them on-board representing your business and brand.

8. SEO Skills
This one is the most sought after skill of a social media marketer. Search Engine optimization (SEO) defines a well-planned procedure to carry out activities to optimize your website and the content you publish. Having a good knowledge about the SEO practices and activities will not only help you in your profession but also enable you to think strategically and be an architect to your team.

9. Perceiving Skills
Sometimes, when nothing works, your intuitions can do wonders for you. This field requires you to be very adaptive, which means you are expected to be good at perceiving skills. To explain it better, you know it’s going to rain when its cloudy, irrespective if it doesn’t. In the same way, in few cases you need to know what the consequences are going to be irrespective of the results.

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That’s not enough. Though these nine qualities will make up most for the profession, there are many other things that are expected from you while you work. Make sure you take pride in whatever you are into. After all, you are the one who is going to make a difference around the clock.


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