How To Use Podcasting To Improve Your Marketing?


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or at least don’t spend much time online, you’ve heard of podcasts. In fact, you probably listen to a podcast or two on a regular basis. Most people associate podcasts with providing information or entertainment, much like radio broadcasts. However, also like the radio, podcasting can be a powerful marketing tool that many brands have not fully embraced. Developing and producing a podcast can bring many benefits to your brand in unexpected ways that make it a great investment. Here are some of the biggest reasons. 

It’s a Big Market

Estimates show that approximately 155 million people listen to podcasts every day. That is a massive number and shows that the public has built familiarity and trust with them. Listeners are always looking for new content in audio form. They can listen while at work, commuting, or doing their daily chores. Unlike traditional radio, podcasts can be listened to whenever it is convenient. There’s no need to wait until a certain time or day of the week to listen to your favorite program. 

It’s Easier Than Ever

It’s never been easier to produce a podcast. With a modest investment in equipment, you can have a podcast up and running in no time. If you are talking about a subject in which you are an expert, then you may not even need to invest that much time into it. As long as you can speak for long periods about your topic, you are good to go. Once you’ve started producing it, you can have it available on big podcasting platforms such as Itunes, or you can host it directly on your website. If you are talking about a topic but don’t have the time to write out all of your thoughts, you can still reach those who are hard of hearing. It’s simple to convert audio to text with a service such as Maestra. That way all of your knowledge can be shared with as big of an audience as possible. 

It Offers Additional Value For Clients

A good podcast will provide valuable information for clients. They will keep coming back to your website for content, or subscribe to your podcast on a podcasting platform. Good information will help to position your brand as an expert in your industry. When someone is looking to spend their hard-earned money, they want to be able to trust that they will get a good product or service out of that investment. If you are providing regular engaging and interesting content, they will be more likely to buy. Not only that, but the more they come to visit for your podcast, the more hits your website will get. 

It Builds Connections

Trust is a big part of marketing. You need your customers to trust that your brand will be able to deliver on its promises. Sometimes customers will be less likely to buy from a brand with which they do not have a connection. However, having a podcast can help build that connection. It allows customers to see the real people behind a brand. In fact, podcasts that are not selling something are often the most effective ones. If your podcast focuses on engagement and information, clients will be more likely to subscribe and follow on a regular basis. If it is purely marketing, then customers will feel like they are being sold to, and will not have the trust in your brand that you need. 

They Can Help Improve Your Website Traffic

Updating your website takes time and effort. You need to think of topics, write them out, and then post them. However, if you are already producing a regular podcast, you may not need to do much work for updating at all. You can use transcription services to produce text-based website content without having to type a single word. If you speak with keywords in mind, it will also help with your SEO. 

On top of that, any podcast should have to show notes that include links to your podcast, and the website of any visitors you might have. If you have a visitor from a reputable website, then that link can help with your SEO as search engine algorithms like to see links between authoritative websites. You can also plug your website during your podcast, so listeners will be drawn to your site and be more likely to purchase your products and services. 

The Investment Doesn’t Have to be Substantial

You don’t need a full soundproof studio and professional equipment to produce a podcast. In fact, if you have a decent enough laptop, you are well on your way to having everything you need. You will have to purchase a microphone for everyone who will appear on your podcast regularly. However, you can produce it while sitting at your desk, or even on your couch. Pretty much anywhere that has some privacy and quiet can be appropriate. Some podcasters invest heavily in editing software to make sure that it sounds as professional as possible, but you don’t even have to do that. Your listeners will accept errors and interruptions if you’ve built a good connection with them. In fact, it will make you seem more like a person and less like a brand, which is beneficial in the long run. Even if your marketing budget is small, you can still find amazing value. 

It Can Be Used Instead of Video

Video is a very valuable form of marketing. However, not everyone has the skills to shoot video or is comfortable on camera. Podcasting provides an engaging way to connect with the audience that requires little skill other than being able to talk about a subject that’s important to you. 

That said, podcasting can be even more powerful if you are able to offer a video alternative. You can video yourself while recording your podcast, and offer both an audio and a video version. That way your audience can choose which method they prefer. You can gain the advantages that video offers while still connecting with those who find audio more convenient. 

Podcasting is the way of the future. There are more and more podcasts popping up every day to fill the public’s desire for content. Make sure that you take advantage of the medium by producing your own podcast and reaping the benefits. 

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