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Importance Of Website Security


Every website is susceptible to cyber-attacks. And do you know that 56 percent of the Internet traffic is from automated sources like hacking tools, spammers, impersonators, etc.? It happens because cyber criminals utilize specific programs to detect vulnerable websites automatically. Using this vulnerability, they enter the site and can severely harm its information and goodwill of it. Also, the host will detect the malware but not the vulnerabilities of your website. 

That is why it is significant to analyze your website with an appropriate tool like static application security testing. It protects the website from dangerous cyber. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of website security with an increase in cyber attacks today. 

Reasons To Have Website Security

Website security is significant due to the following reasons:

Targets Your Customers

Hackers use malicious software to infect websites, collect essential data, and sometimes even hijack crucial computer resources. When an attacker has gained access to your website, they can use it for redirecting traffic and infecting visitors with the help of this software. Moreover, thousands of malwares and ways to affect your website are available today. All these activities are performed using automated hacking tools. To protect your visitors and customers from getting retargeted again and again because of hackers, you need to secure your website appropriately. 

Loss and Drop-In Business Revenue and Goodwill

Today, there is more than 15billion plus website available online. People mostly rely on search engines to acquire information from those sites. It indicates the importance of having search engine optimization. Google and these search engines warn visitors and your customers from entering the website. In July 2018, they started marking websites with no SSL as insecure. They give these websites SEO penalty that makes it harder for the company to reach new customers. 

Moreover, according to the Search Engine Journal, Google has eliminated about 80 percent of hacked sites from the search results. But because of this reason, a customer loses trust in other websites too, thereby leading to a significant loss of the company. 

Getting Blacklisted

Every day, Google removes more than 10,000 suspicious websites. Whenever you see a message like “This message may harm your computer.” It is a warning that any user considers and stays away from the website. A blacklisted website loses 95 percent of its organic traffic which affects the revenue rapidly. That is why it is significant is clean up your site regularly if you want to be relisted on Google in the first place. If you do not set up your security measures, your site may be infected by the same cybercriminals with whom your site was impacted in the first place. 

Increase In Numbers

Hackers mostly use hacked websites to retarget their potential customers. It is the essential reason for website security. On average, hackers attack a website every 39 seconds. The website that does not have secured usernames or passwords proved to be highly advantageous to them. 

Website security restricts them from enabling your website and using it to their advantage. Therefore, it is relatively important to implement a sturdy plugin or software that will detect malware activities instantly.  

Expensive Clean-up

As soon as you notice that your website is hacked, the first thing you do is look for the solution to clean it. Although you will acquire numerous blog posts and articles concerning it, they will eventually recommend the professional to do so. Moreover, performing a WordPress malware removal is not at all an effortless task. 

Therefore, it is advisable to recommend service providers that do manual clean-ups. It is because malware is concealed in original files and databases. Hackers put in a lot of effort to ensure that you avoid removing their backdoors so easily. You should know that not only the malware services, but the cost of losing revenue and reputational damage can also be very expensive. 


Lastly, it is advisable to always analyze your site so that it is always protected from hackers. It will make you aware that your data and file are safe from such hacking practices. To prevent tremendous loss from such an event, you need to get your website secure with the help of an appropriate tool. 

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