High Quality Dot Net Framework

Use High Quality Dot Net Framework to Build Robust Applications

.Net Framework offers a high quality, secure and flexible framework. The key success is achieved by making the use of objects. The .NET Framework...
Analyzing Security Requirements

Best Strategies for Analyzing Security Requirements and Tradeoffs

Security is a crucial thing to count on initially for our data, either it’s a hard copy of online programs and its never been...
Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Learn About Cambridge Analytica Scandal & How To Protect Your Data

“Data is the new oil”, this is undeniable. It’s data or information that charts out business growth and scaling, even in terms of which...
Standard Coding Syntax

How To Save Your Code From Hackers Using The Standard Coding Syntax

In this technology era, security is the biggest concern for every online data browser, because, our entire data and secret passwords are available on...
Common Cybersecurity Mistakes

Most Common Cybersecurity Mistakes made by Company Employees

Today, cybersecurity has become the focus of all reputed organizations and all big businesses are taking proactive measures for setting up an IT security...

Key Steps for Recovering from A Cyberattack

The proliferation of internet and adoption of computer technologies has increased the risk of a cyberattack. And cybercrimes are regularly making headlines every now...
Common Symptoms

Common Symptoms of Cyberattack To Look Out For

Cyberattacks seldom occur with an alert or an alarm and when it happens the damage is found to be irreparable. The frustrating thing is...
Detect Network Vulnerabilities

List of Tools to Detect Network Vulnerabilities

Companies set high budgets to protect their IT assets from cyberattacks and Detect Network Vulnerabilities. However, managers have realized that it is very difficult...
IoT Companies

10 Powerful IoT Companies That Are Changing The Game

Way back in the early 90s, we only imagined of having technology that was smart enough to automatically detect sight, sound and perform tasks...
Web Design

How IoT Can Change Web Design in the Coming Future

The internet has affected every sphere of our lives and nearly every person is dependent on it in one way or the other. ...

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Java Collections Framework

Introduction to Java Collections Framework

In the earliest JAVA versions (before JAVA 2), there was support for collection objects such as Dictionary, Properties, Stack, and Vector. These Java classes...
Create Microservice

Learn How to Create Microservices with the Spring Framework

The concept of Microservices is being widely put into practice across enterprises. Compared to the monolithic IT systems, Microservices offer more benefits and helps...
Restful web services

Learn How to build Restful Web Services using Spring

There are many ways to build Restful web services but among them, the Spring Framework offers some comparative advantages. While building a Restful web...