Nginx Web Server Security Best Practices

Nginx Web Server Security Best Practices

Nginx is a high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy that is lightweight, open-source, and resilient. It has surpassed Apache and IIS as the most...
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Top Reasons Why Ransomware Attacks Are Rising

If you don’t know, ransomware attacks are on the rise. Every year, hundreds of companies are attacked, which is why they end up losing...

Common Ways In Which Ransomware Can Enter Your Systems

Many business owners live in constant fear of being hit by various forms of cybercrime, and this has become common among businesses. There are...
Securing Your Devices in 2020 & Beyond

Securing Your Devices in 2021 & Beyond – Challenges and Solutions

Most of us would agree that 2021 has been a hell of a year, or perhaps for some of us, just plain hell. While...
Bypass WiFi Restrictions

Bypassing WiFi Restrictions at School

Not being able to access the entirety of the internet when at your school is one of the most annoying problems that students face....
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What No Book Will Tell You About Biometrics? An In-Depth Guide To Biometrics!

We are living in the era, where technological breakthroughs are happening at such a pace that was never seen before. It is the time...
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Importance Of Getting Cybersecurity Certification In 2021!

IT has emerged as one of the most popular avenues for study in recent years. No matter where you see your future going, you...
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Smart Contract Explained- Everything That You Should Know!!

With so many security breaches & scams happening every single day, the concept of smart contracts can turn out to be the messiah of...
Home Network Security

How to Improve Security of Your Remote Employee’s Home Network?

We've dealt with the issue of securing your private data on this site already. Today we're expanding the topic to include the security of...
Is Your Computer Infected with Malware or Does It Need an Upgrade?

Is Your Computer Infected with Malware or Does It Need an Upgrade? 

You may know that nothing lasts forever, and it is sometimes even good. You upgrade your devices and enjoy the progress, think about the...
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Artificial Intelligence

How To Develop Artificial Intelligence Software

How To Develop Artificial Intelligence Software

 There are several steps to develop artificial intelligence software. Artificial intelligence software is the foundation for innovative technology successors such as mobile applications, cellular...
What is Robotic Process Automation?

What Is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation is nothing but software robotics that uses automation technologies to accelerate repetitive back-office tasks. It leverages UI and APIs interactions to...
Sentiment Analysis in Natural Language Processing

Sentiment Analysis in Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the branch of artificial intelligence that gives computers the ability to process, understand and draw conclusions from natural languages...