Tutorial – Navigation Controller in iOS

In our blog today you will learn to use the navigation controller in iOS. We will show you the simple steps to follow to...

App Study For iPhone Developers – TripLingo Romance Edition

In today's post, we will be talking about five trending applications. We've taken the some effort to find out some of the amazing apps...

App study of the Month – VIDDY, App to capture, beautify, and share videos...

This month we will talk about Viddy. Viddy is a simple way for anyone to capture, beautify, and share videos with the world! "Turn everyday moments...

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Kotlin & Spring

Beginners Guide To Couchbase With Kotlin & Spring

Couchbase server is an open source, multi-model NoSQL document-oriented database. Perhaps, it won’t be wrong to say that it is a merger of two popular NoSQL technologies: ...
Java Stream Collectors

Functionality and Uses Of Java Stream Collectors

With Java 8, we were introduced to a new abstraction called Stream, using which we can process data in a declarative manner. This, when...
Java Collections Framework

Introduction to Java Collections Framework

In the earliest JAVA versions (before JAVA 2), there was support for collection objects such as Dictionary, Properties, Stack, and Vector. These Java classes...