Linux Shell Scripting (29) - crontab and at jobs

Learn about Crontab and at job in Linux Shell Scripting

How many times have you found yourself doing a repetitive task at a specific time? Do you remember when you found that the database...
Linux Shell Scripting (28) - Automating File Transfer

How to automate FTP transfers in Linux Shell Scripting

Whether you are responsible for uploading files regularly to a remote web server, or syncing configuration files among a number of machines, most of...
Linux Shell Scripting (27) - Effective One-Liners (2)

Learn More about Effective One-Liners in Linux Shell Scripting

In the previous article, we had a talk on One-Liners. We have seen how a composite statement that is as short as fitting in...
Linux Shell Scripting (26) - Effective One-Liners (1)

Learn about Effective One-Liners in Linux Shell Scripting

Do you remember what the definition of Shell Scripts is?! I told you in our first article in this series that a Shell Script is...

Generate Random Passwords in Shell Scripting via Character Array Method

In the previous article, we have learned how to generate random passwords using two methods: 1. The mkpasswd command. 2. Calculating the Hash for a random...
Randomization Generating Random Passwords(1)

Learn to Generate Random Data and Password in Linux Shell Scripting

After learning how to generate random numbers, we are going to learn how to generate random data, and random passwords. Some of the concepts...
Linux Shell Scripting (23) - Randomization Generating Random Numbers

Generating Random Numbers in Linux Shell Scripting

There will be cases wherein you need something to be random: a random number, a random sequence of characters, a random file name, or...
Learn How To Write Interactive shell scripts

Learn How To Write Interactive shell scripts

An interactive script is a one that interacts with the user and requires user input. In this type of scripts, data flow in both...
Linux Shell Scripting User Input Validation

Learn Validating User Input in Linux Shell Scripting

When a script gets one or more inputs from the user, most of the time it expects the following: A specific number inputs. Inputs of specific...
Linux Shell Scripting Scripting for Network Part 2

Learn Linux Shell Scripts for Network – Part 2

In this article, we are going to complete what we have started in part1.   The host command This command is used to convert names to IP...

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