Press ReleaseLaravel Project Course Launched on Kickstarter

Laravel Project Course Launched on Kickstarter

Laravel Projects Course

ORLANDO, Florida – May 12, 2017 – Eduonix Learning Solutions, a leading online e-learning company, launched a new campaign on Kickstarter targeting real world applications of Laravel PHP framework.

Post the success of its Laravel intro course, Eduonix received numerous requests for a course that can help users understand the real world applications of Laravel and see this brilliant PHP framework in action. So, Eduonix did just that.

This Laravel Projects course has been designed to help students learn the Laravel PHP framework from the ground up. With projects that range from easy to complex, students will not only see how Laravel works, but will also learn exactly how to incorporate this amazing framework in their own projects.

The course has been created from the ground up to help bridge the gap between the API documentation or the theory of the framework and real world application of Laravel at a no-nonsense pace with actual real world examples.

Eduonix Co-founder and CEO, Sushant Das, adds, “Theory of a technology isn’t that hard to come by, but actually learning how to use the framework when the tutorial ends, now that is difficult. And that is exactly what we are trying to accomplish with this tutorial. You will learn exactly all you can do with Laravel, from basic websites to more complex set ups.”

In this course, you will build 10 different projects that differ in terms of complexity, starting with a basic website, and build on it to create more complex and difficult apps. The objective of this course is to help you become comfortable with the Laravel framework and also understand how to get the most out of it. Eduonix also let’s you keep the projects that you design royalty-free, which means you can even modify them or publish them.

These are the 10 tentative projects that will a part of this course, but they are subject to change: –

• Basic Website – An intro project in which you will build an easy and simple website, while becoming familiar with the Laravel framework. This project will ensure that you become familiar with the entire app development lifecycle of Laravel.
• Todo List – This will be your intro to working with databases. This app will be aimed to clarify the core Laravel concepts and by the end of this project you will be very comfortable building a complete CRUD application.
• Login System – This project will help you become familiar with the login and authentication system. This will teach you professional and practical tips which you can directly use in any of your real world applications.
• Blog Application – Creating a complete blog system will lay a solid foundation in helping you understand the salient features of Laravel. You can use the code created to run a full fledged blog website.
• Bookmark Manager – This will be an interesting application which will teach you to create Bookmark manager for your favorite websites. It will extensively use built in Laravel tools.
• Time Sheet – A live project management cum timesheet web app will be ideal to master complex concepts including MVC and modular development.
• Restaurant Order App – This will be a fairly complex app and you will be a complete professional laravel developer after creating this App. You may like to go through this app source code multiple times to analyze and assimilate the concepts.
• Portfolio Website – This will be a lightweight but will cover some critical and not widely known Laravel concepts.
• CMS – Building a CMS using Laravel will be a very challenging project and will reinforce learning best web development techniques and procedures.
• Social Network – This will be the most extensive project among the group. It will be perfect to fine tune all your Laravel and other web technologies know how.

This Kickstarter campaign is a means for Eduonix to earn as much support and pledges as possible to help them not only complete this goal, but also give them a push for their stretch goals, which include creating numerous different courses and to continue improving their platform and support for current and future students.

Help Eduonix change how the world is educated, one student at a time. Back their project on Kickstarter by pledging your support here –


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