TechnologyTechnology Trends Over Past Ten Years

Technology Trends Over Past Ten Years

Hi-speed internet, laptops, smartphones, 3D printing, artificial intelligence.
These all technologies seem familiar to the new generations, and they are very well versed with it. But we have come a long way from the room-sized computers to a hand size supercomputer capable of performing millions of calculations per second or performing even more complicated decisions.

In the following article, we are going to discuss the timeline of technology over the past ten years from the early, middle and current stages and how it has massively transformed in these years.

Necessity is the mother of all invention

Every technology we see around has some purpose and necessity creates that purpose of driving the technology forward and making it more helpful and faster than before. The expansion of technology is so vast summarising that technology into a single blog post is nearly impossible. Let’s see how has technology affected or improved our daily lives.


The Net

In the early 80’s the net or so-called internet was introduced to the world the ARPANET took over the TCP/IP on Jan 1983. After many successful attempts when Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web the fast-growing industry of the computer expanded in each and every country. The slow dial-up connection was replaced by the fast video conferencing technology.


The websites were increasing through leaps and bounds capturing the interests of every single person and blogs were written to suggests more information to people and make them aware of the daily trends happening from all over the world to a single screen. With a single click now a user could access to information from how the user should behave to medical fitness.

Floppy disks to the micro sd card:

Early the floppy disks were the only portable device which could carry a little amount of data. Next came the compact disks which were based on optical technology and increased the amount of data portability but it increased the size of the portable devices. The next exponential invention was made of the flash drives which not only reduced the size but also increased the capacity of the portability like in GB’s which earlier was only in MB’s.

The App and cloud storage

Websites were becoming more tedious for the users to click and to navigate. The present app world is the alternative version of the sites where the user can download it from the internet and use it according to their necessity. The huge amounts of data now can’t be carried from one place to another so cloud storage came into existence. It is the storage on the internet where people can see and access their data from any place of the earth and it is a lot similar to the remote connection but user need not switch on their computer to see the files but they can see their files with a small username and password which their files are stored on the internet. The door to door conversation was limited which is replaced by texting of Facebook, Skype, and other social media sites. The news which you want to make it viral can be made with a single click.


Alexander Graham Bell invented the first practical telephone American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) in 1885. Since then the phone has changed from a phone to a Smartphone.

Earlier the phone used to have a round dial which was indeed a tedious job to rotate it and then after some time the call is connected with which was replaced by the DTMF connection which had number dial pad which was much easier for the user to just push the button and the call is connected. It is also replaced by the latest smartphones which in a single 6-inch screen the user can play games and make a call simultaneously. The Smartphone is the supercomputer which we all have in our hands.

We can read a book, play the game, make a call, order a food, order anything with it unless it has an internet connection. Earlier you had to make a call and you could listen to voice only but now you can see the other person with a high-quality camera which earlier was just used to click pictures but now it could make high-quality videos also and stream it without any buffering.

3D Printing

3D Printing

Earlier the printing was only done on paper with a 2D visualization and hard graphics which took a long time to print just one page and the machines were too costly and complicated for use. With the technology, the huge machines were not only reduced to size but also the fast speed printing with much less generation of heat. After the 2D printing came the 3D printing which prints the exact replica of some graphics with hard printing. This would also be overcome in the future and exact replica could be made with the 3D printing technology.


Humans have always looked in the night sky and dreamt about the vastness of the universe. From the invention of the plane of the Wright brothers to the landing on Mars is the history has the mankind seen over these past years.
In April 1981 the space shuttle Columbia was launched but was soon destroyed after 73 seconds of the lift. Now the space station has been placed on the orbit of the earth to perform experiments and keep certain secret documents for exploration.


By smart, we mean the continuous evolution of technology. We cannot predict the future but we definitely have the mindset to evolve and increase the speed and reduce the processing time. Earlier we used to physically type on the typewriter and if any error is made then the whole page is wasted as there was no scope of correction in the typewriters. With the evolution of technology, the typewriters are an extinct commodity and it is replaced by the keyboards and voice command texts in which a user just speaks and the computer types.
This is the advantage of the technology which has made our life not only easier but also faster than ever before and it will continuously be evolving.

The Artificial intelligence has come into existence with the help of which the smart is smarter. It has the ability to sense and the algorithms which were earlier used to be made and corrected by a human only now an AI-enabled device can correct and reprogram it in its own way.

Space is not the final frontier as perceived by us but it is just the beginning. Technology is a frontier on its own which will grow and reinvent the world. As the technology will continue to expand more of it in the world more doors will open for the people to use it efficiently.


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