Stephen Hawking

10 Unbelievable Predictions by Stephen Hawking About AI

Stephen William Hawking is an English theoretical cosmologist, physicist and author. He holds the position of a Director of Research in the University of...

Building your own handwritten digit recognition system using MNIST dataset in Python

This tutorial has been designed to guide and understand the working of handwritten digit recognition system with the help of MNIST dataset in Python...

What Artificial Intelligence Can Really Do for Us?

In the modern age, the public awareness of artificial intelligence has taken us from robots - a term first used by a Czech writer...
kaggle-featured image

Beginner’s Guide to Kaggle Kernels

Kaggle has been quite a popular platform to showcase your skills and submit your algorithms in the form of kernels. This was more than...
Setting up Jupyter Notebook- Featured Image

How to Set Up Jupyter Notebook and Other Specifications?

Jupyter Notebook refers to a web application which is open source. It is used for sharing and creating documents that comprise equations, live code,...
Contract management system- featured image

Evisort Vs Concord Now: Which AI Contract Management System is Better?

Most companies manage contracts on spreadsheets that contain large volumes of data and important terms for a whole department to maintain.  But keeping track of...

Google Duplex: An Emerging AI system that can help active real-world tasks

Google Duplex is a new Google Assistant that can perform peculiar tasks over the smartphone for you. Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, announced Google Duplex...
Chatbots E- Learning

Ultimate Future of Chatbots E- Learning in 2018

It’s undeniable how much chatbots are changing the world of digital marketing. Companies are now using chatbots to reach a whole new level with...
Linear Regression

Linear Regression in Machine Learning

Often in real life, we face problems where we need to predict (or estimate) something given some information about that thing. As a simple...

Scientific Python (Scipy) for Machine Learning

Scientific Python, well known as Scipy is a numerical processing library in Python. It is well known for several pre-built functions for various mathematical...
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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in The Next Five Years, AI, ML, AI Future

Artificial Intelligence Future- Next 5 Years Can Be the Game Changer!

According to Gartner, by the year 2021, the AI augmentation will help in procuring around 6.2 billion hours of productivity along with a business...
Building Neural Networks with PyTorch

The Next Step: Building Neural Networks with PyTorch (Part 2)

As the world battles out the COVID-19 pandemic, our sincere prayers are with the families of the affected. But as the great Benjamin Franklin...
Leading Artificial Intelligence Applications

Leading Artificial Intelligence Applications!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful technology that is growing fast with findings in new AI applications in various industries. Figures from Gartner show...

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