Spread Operator

An overview of Full-Stack JavaScript

JavaScript is an amazing, established computer language. If you’re passionate about this language, you’ll love this article! I think it’s not necessary to give...
JavaScript Libraries

12 Popular JavaScript Libraries to Know

It can be argued that JavaScript is the most popular programming language out there, it is definitely the most commonly used. One would be...

Best AngularJS Tips for Beginners

Of the many open-source JavaScript frameworks out there, AngularJS is one of the better-known ones. It's maintained by Google and is currently in use by...
Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications and It’s Benefits

Progressive Web Applications or PWAs as a popular abbreviation, are described as the best of both worlds. What it entails is that the application...
importance of r

What is R Language and Why R is Important for Data Science?

Why R has been so popular among data scientists throughout the world? What are the advantages of R? How I can learn R programming...
F Sharp

F# Programming Language: History, Benefits and Future Possibilities

Nescient developers might make the mistake of pronouncing the name as F ‘Hash’ but that will earn a few scornful eyes from the adept...
Haskell Programming Language

What is Haskell Programming Language?

Haskell programming language is polymorphic, statically typed, purely functional, and lazy with type inference. Too many jargons at once? Thought so! Not to worry. We...

Top 20 websites and apps built with AngularJS

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework by Google designed to create dynamic web apps. AngularJS is a complete solution for developing a front end based...
Website Footer

How to Build a Responsive Website Footer Using HTML and CSS

What is Footer? Footer is the bottom section of the document. It is located under the main section or body. The <footer> tag defines a...
Caching Strategy

Redis or Memcached – How to Select the Caching Strategy?

Nowadays, Information technology is key to any business application. And, the second most important thing is the performance of the application. Online space is...
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Artificial Intelligence

AI & Big Data for eCommerce, Retail and Energy Industry

AI & Big Data for eCommerce, Retail and Energy Industry

With innovations in disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, essentially every industry continues to revolutionize at a fanatical pace. And those...
Auto ML In business- AI- Featured Image

Auto Machine Learning & Its Impact In Businesses

Artificial intelligence & machine learning has promised to provide new heights of success in all the fields. This is the reason why several businesses...

A Brief Introduction to AutoML!

In the recent few years, we have made a significant stride in the advancement of machine learning. From a time when AI & ML...

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