Eduonix Infiniti- The Next Learning Revolution Unfolding Now!

    eduonix infiniti

    Experience the next revolution of Online Learning… with Eduonix Infiniti!

    Presenting you a new approach to Online Upskilling with 150+ Skills, with a  platform you’ve never seen before.

    Eduonix Infiniti – for those who want to stay ahead of the crowd and for those who want to carve their own path to success.

    I am sure, you have encountered different kinds of courses- some long and some short. You might have paid for each one of them and you might end up wondering its entire worth.

    Life is good that way, but it could be better!

    What if we tell you that there’s a platform that gives you access to 2000+ bestselling courses on 150+ skills through a monthly subscription that won’t even cost you more than your favorite coffee from Starbucks?

    Yes, we are serious!

    Similar to watching your favorite shows on Netflix, or getting an Amazon Prime subscription, you can enjoy unlimited monthly/yearly access to a vast library of courses on almost every imaginable skill & technology.

    The Eduonix Infiniti subscription plans vary from $6 per month to a one-time lifetime fee of $499!

    Why pay for one single course when you can get a membership to a whole library?

    That means you can either access almost $10000 worth of course material, videos and eBooks for just $6 a month or pay $499 and access them forever!

    Now, Learning Can Be More Than Just Studying

    The thing about Infiniti is, it’s not just any normal subscription. It not only prolongs your learning experience but also enhances it with interactive education, gamified learning, skill ranking & so much more.

    Eduonix Infiniti will not only present you with more opportunities, but it will also prepare you for a full-fledged career. It is power-packed with features to make your learning experience stand out from the average.

    • Personalized learning- For when the program acts as a friend and adapts to your needs and interests. It’s not just you who’s learning here. The algorithms are learning what you learn so it automatically recommends you more relevant courses saving both your time & energy.
    • Interactive learning- If you think you’re just here to passively watch through the course, this is not it. Interactive learning engages more out of the user than an average online course. With a new approach to assessments and tests, rest assured you’ll always have a sound interest that will continue to stay through the course.
    • Gamified learning- Who says learning is not fun and games? Every time you finish a module or complete an objective; you are rewarded badges and XP for it! You can compare your progress to your friends or colleagues and engage in a competitive spirit like never before (obviously, keep that spirit friendly!)

    A Watchful Guardian, A Silent Protector

    To have a learning journey, it’s not important that you only learn, but about how you manage it. Eduonix Infiniti has the ultimate Dark Knight to watch over your progress- with analytics keeping track of your every step in the course. Here are some features-

    • Skill development planner- keeps track of what skills are you learning and what you need to improve, and what new skills can be learned to complement the existing ones.
    • Customized time and day planner- plan your day well, be your own hero as Eduonix provides the ultimate platform to plan your learning which can complement your working or studying hours.
    • Learning Journey Report and Analytics, Dashboard and Profile- the definitive hub of all your learning journey, this is your headquarters, where every detail of your progress throughout the course and multiple courses are tracked. Also, you get to learn more about yourself!
    • Skill feed wall- plan your own outcomes and future of your learning with the skill feed wall.

    Not Only Your Present But It Secures Your Future Too!

    Like you, even Infiniti Free online courses have plans to learn and expand more into the future and adapt to your needs and feedback each day. We have great plans ahead to expand the Eduonix Infiniti arsenal. Some of them are-

    • Dedicated career counselors to guide you to take that step ahead to use your newfound skills to good use
    • Live labs for more practical hands-on experiences
    • News and updates for your skills, to keep you up to speed with your journey
    • Mentorship from some of the best experts in the field

    Subscribe to Eduonix Infiniti, a unique learning experience for those who dare to achieve more!

    So, now the choice is yours! You can either go for your favorite coffee or get an Eduonix Infiniti subscription… or both!

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