Productivity Tools for Developers

Top 10 Productivity Tools for Developers

Being a software developer comes with a lot of responsibilities, sleepless nights, deadlines, and work pressure. But thanks to our other fellow developers that...
Web Design Resources- Featured Image

How to Find Web Design Resources That Will Make Your Job Easier?

A developer’s job is rather stressful and demanding. Well, I guess pretty much everyone who reads this article cannot argue that. But what is...
Programming Skills vs Academic Writing Skills

Programming Skills vs. Academic Writing Skills. What Should You Choose?

This is a tough question for many students who are trying to set a career path for themselves. While growing up, you must have...
Gaming Blogs

Top Gaming Blogs Which You Can’t Ignore!!

In the last few decades, gaming industries have tremendously evolved and grown. Some major changes took places such as the arrival of virtual realities,...
Code Quality- Featured Image

How Companies Can Maintain Code Quality as They Scale?

Maintaining the code quality of an application becomes difficult when the product starts to scale and especially when the team size increases. When more...
Six Sigma vs Total Quality Management: Featured Image

Six Sigma vs Total Quality Management

Whether it was the Columbia shuttle disaster of 2003 or Toyota recalling its 1.7 million defective vehicles; both occurred due to the poor choice of...
What Happens When Quality is Ignored

What Happens When Quality is Ignored?

In order to make a customer happy and gain his or her trust, it is imperative that the customer enjoys the entire transaction with...
Market share of Cloud Computing Introduction

Market Share of Cloud Computing and Future Prospects

Cloud Computing Introduction Cloud computing is defined as the delivery of computing services such as storage, servers, networking, software, databases, analytics, and artificial intelligence—via the...
lean six sigma

What is Lean Six Sigma and Why is it Important in the Manufacturing Industry?

Lean Six Sigma brings together two processes; Lean and Six Sigma. Lean comprises of many methodical processes to streamline both the service and the...

Huawei Controversy: The Story Behind the Infamous Ban

Introduction The US and China have had some issues for some time now. As both continue their war to become the most dominant nations in...
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Artificial Intelligence

Applications of GANs- featured Image- AI, Data Sc

The Grand Finale: Applications of GANs- Part 5

Welcome, welcome, welcome! A very warm welcome to all our readers to this very special blog that marks the end of what has truly been...
Artificial intelligence- Cycle GANs- AI

CycleGAN: Taking It Higher- Part 4

In the previous blog, we continued our deep dive into the world of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) with the pix2pix GAN which we also...
Python Programming Language for ML

Why Python Is So Essential For Machine Learning?

Python is a multi-paradigm programming language that was initially developed as a hobby by Guido van Rossum. It was derived from programming languages like...