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Introduction to HTML5

We have learned to create a simple website using HTML4 and CSS.
Today we are going to start with a new version of HTML, HTML5 which includes a lot more new things to deal with while creating a website.
HTML5 is not different from HTML4, it is just the continuation of HTML4 with more new concepts in it.

  • What is HTML5?
    • Today’s websites have changed a lot from the previous websites. Now we have mostly more dynamic, more interactive and better websites. So to have all these qualities in a website, the previous version of HTML i.e. HTML4.0 has been replaced by HTML5. HTML5 will be the new standard.
    • HTML5 is a co-operation between the W3C and the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG).
      WHATWG works on web forms and applications and W3C works on xhtml. They both decided to work on new features of html5 in the year 2006.
    • HTML5 offers some great new features that will make the web more dynamic.
  • New Features:
    • New sets of tags such as header tag and section tag are introduced to describe content better.
    • canvas tag element is a new feature used for 2D drawing, to draw 2D graphics.
    • Local storage is available in HTML5 by using cookies to store a small amount of data on user’s browser.
    • New form controls like calendar, date and time are also introduced in HTML5.
    • New media functionality is also included by embedding video and audio files.
    • Geolocation is the new term given to the process of locating where the webpage user is?. It pop’s up and ask’s where the user is located.
    • HTML5 Browser Support
      HTML5 is not an official standard yet and not all browsers support HTML5 or at least some of the features of HTML5.
      Google Chrome supports all features of HTML5, so it is the best browser for HTML5.

  • Your Old HTML4 Code Is Fine:
    • We don’t need to throw away or re-do our old webpages, since HTML5 is same as HTML4, only with addition of new tags and features.
    • The base layout for an HTML document is the exact same as shown below:
    • <!DOCTYPE html>
                       <title>Page title</title>
                       <p>Hellow World!</p>
  • Expanding HTML:
    • One of the biggest reasons for HTML5 is to prevent users from needing to download and install multiple plugins such as Flash and Silverlight.
    • We have a new concept in HTML5 called HTML5 Stack.
    • HTML5 Stack includes HTML5,CSS3 and Javascript.
    • Using HTML5 Stack we can replace flash.

    Here we finished with a small introduction to HTML5, from next session onwards we will directly use it in our webpages.

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