InfographicsAn Video Marketing Infographic by Eduonix

An Video Marketing Infographic by Eduonix

Introduction on Video Marketing Infographic

Would you rather read a 1000 word article or a 5 minute video that includes the same content? Exactly, a lot of people prefer not wasting time reading, when they can watch a short interactive video instead. Viewers now prefer videos over text and while a pictures may speak a thousand words, videos create a complete story!

With video become a preferred medium of sharing content, it is no wonder that companies are now investing in video marketing in addition to content marketing. While written content is still important, videos are now becoming just as important, if not more. So, companies are creating short and interactive videos that show off their products, or even their companies and people can’t get enough!

Video marketing has become a crucial part of marketing in general and budding marketers and companies who don’t want to lose out on traffic from videos should definitely get on this amazing trend. If you want to get an in-depth analysis of how videos are faring in the marketing industry, here is a great infograph to help you understand the vast potential that video marketing holds.

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