Everything You Need To Know About Customer-Centric Landing Pages

Customer-Centric Landing Pages..

Businesses invest a lot of time and money to create that perfect product for their consumers, which helps them succeed. But, when it comes to the elements that do not serve customers directly, like a website, or a landing page, businesses often lack the right blend of elements to engage audiences.

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As pointed out in the above tweet, the landing page is one of the essential business elements that every firm should improve. Even the statistics show the effectiveness of a useful landing page for conversions. According to the Wordstream, the top 25% of the landing pages have shown conversion rates higher than 5.31%, and the top 10% have a conversion rate of 11.45% or more.

So what do you need to create a customer-centric landing page? Let’s discover.

What should be included on a landing page? 

Creating a customer-centric landing page is just like developing a user-friendly product. The only difference here is that you offer a landing page as a gateway for your products and services. Take an example of a real-life scenario, when guests arrive at your door, and once you let them in, they get lost on what exactly your space is a house or maze!

So, conduct useful analysis, create powerful strategies, and improve the conversion rates through a simplified business proposition. So, let’s have an insight into the landing page elements that you can add to engage customers better. 

1. Pop-ups that ask

Popups are the first thing that appears on any web page we visit. But, if your popup is not asking for some information from the consumer, it deceits the original purpose of creation. Landing pages with a popup signup form obtain more than 23% conversion rates and 66% signup rates. In contrast, the original Landing page offers only a 5.1% conversion rate and a 3% signup rate.

popups stats-1

This discovery proves that popups are popular similar to landing pages. Also, landing pages are not looked upon nearly as much as pop-ups if you choose to provide a pop-up sign-up form. Knowing this fact, you can decide where to focus more on your landing page. 

ubersuggest cta-2

Take an example of the Ubersuggest that blends in the CTAs(Call to Action), and features the website into its pop-up to make it more engaging. 

2. Keyword Prowess

The next essential element is the keyword. It is like the soul of your marketing strategy because if you are not strategizing your keywords, then the entire landing page is like a nameless book that is hard to be found on the internet. 

keyword research-3

Take an example of a fast-food restaurant in Florida, Apart from the localized keywords like- “fast-food restaurants in Florida”, the focus should be to use related keywords, and LSIs (Latent Semantic Indexing) like “fast-food restaurants”. 

About 48% of the top landing page rank in organic searches. They understood that their landing pages contributed a large part to their SEO. Hence, use trending keywords and make it easier for your landing page to obtain organic listings. Ranking on organic keywords is as important as on the PPC (Pay Per Click), where you bid for specific keywords. 

You can find keywords through tools like,

  • Google Keywords Planner
  • Moz
  • Semrush
  • UberSuggest
  • WordStream

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3. Captivating Headlines 

Why are we discussing headlines now? Because a headline can include keywords, and that is where you will need the keyword research first. Every element in your landing is essential and must be compelling with one purpose. Especially the headline, make it magnetic. Your landing page will have better chances of beating the odds depending upon how good your headline is. 

On a given average, out of 10 visitors, eight will only read the headline, and only two will attempt to read the rest. Consider this as the secret to increasing the power of your landing page conversion rate. 

Some tools that can help you create effective landing page headlines are,

  • Coschedule Headline Analyzer
  • SEOPressor Blog Title Generator
  • Portent’s Content Idea Generator
  • Advanced Marketing Institute’s Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer
  • Inbound Now Blog Title Idea Generator

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4. Call to Action (CTA) 

marketing funnel-4

There are three essential phases of any marketing funnel- Tofu (Top of the funnel), Mofu (Middle of the funnel), and Bofu (Bottom of the funnel). A CTA can help customer’s transition from one phase to another in a marketing funnel. Various research studies show that using plain language steers visitors away.

For example, consider that your landing page offers mobile app development services in Austin. For this instance, consider two types of CTAs such as “Sign UP” and “Request a Free Quote.” The second CTA provides the necessary incentive and makes it personal for the visitor. Avoid using direct CTAs like “Submit,” “Download,” and “Register.” Personalized CTAs achieve a conversion rate of 202% higher than the usual CTA. 

5. Form layouts

The layout of the signup form you provide is as important as the layout of your landing page. 46% of the landing pages that optimize their form layout have a significant impact on obtaining conversions. 

To achieve the best suitable form layout, you should conduct A/B testing to identify your potential visitors and their expectations. This type of testing will help you optimize your landing page in the best possible manner. 

Forms that ask for personal information lead to an increased bounce rate. Most visitors look for office locations, contact information, or directions, and not the other way around. Refrain from asking for details like the address and phone number of the visitor.

intuit forms- 5

6. Focused Homepage

Do not confuse the home page and a landing page. Nifty Marketing identified that 77% of the top landing pages are home pages. Typically a homepage consists of multiple links with the potential to distract the visitor, and on the other hand, landing pages have fewer links with tantalizing CTAs. But, if you choose to use your homepage as your landing page, then you need to make sure that: 

  • It has only one goal.
  • The content must be direct and,
  • Diversify your marketing funnel to achieve increased conversion.

Now that we know what we need to add to the landing page for that user-centric approach let’s understand how to do it?

What are the steps to create a customer-centric landing page? 

Follow these steps, each with its tips and tricks to create quality landing pages. 

  1. Identify the goals of your landing page to define what viewers should do when they reach your page. 
  2. Conduct competitor analysis to figure out what USP you can offer to a consumer. 
  3. Understand your audience better and create a target group for your landing page to cater to the viewers’ requirements for potential conversions. 
  4. Headlines must be engaging and captivating. Writing value-added subheaders increases the chances of improving your conversion rates as well.
  5. Keep your landing page content uncluttered, precise, and short for cultivating confidence in your visitors. 
  6. Limit the number of exit points on your landing page to ensure that the visitors move down the customer funnel in a path that you desire. Reducing the number of hyperlinks is one of the common ways to minimize viewers from leaving your page. 
  7. Either create an eye-catchy submission form or a clear CTA that begs the visitor to click them based on your conversion goal. 
  8. Create a design that is flawless, intuitive, or creative. It is crucial to ensure that your landing page design is simple and straightforward without obstructing your visitors’ navigation. 
  9. Increase the number of visual aids with authentic testimonials, color-friendly designs, and images. It will help your visitors better visualize their results after they decide to sign up.  
  10. Develop your landing page to ensure that it is compatible and can effectively function across multiple device platforms. 


Creating a customer-centric landing page to get the best results depends on various factors such as obtaining digital media support, offering link sharing possibilities, and so on. It all comes down to the set of guidelines and significant steps you decide to follow as a strategy to easily convert your visitors into customers and move them further down the customer funnel with potential prospects for the future.

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