Top 15 Coding Games For Kids to Learn Programming

Kids coding games

As technology is now dominating our world and everything is getting digitized, learning computer skills can be said to be the basic need of an hour. Like food, clothing and shelter are the elementary needs to survive in this world, and pretty soon we might also need to add Coding. Coding is a big deal right now, learning basic computer programming isn’t just a smart idea, it’s an essential skill for grown-ups and children.

Teaching kids to code and build simple websites and games will help them to refine their design, logic and problem-solving abilities. It will also allow them to express their ideas and creativity in a unique way. We already know gaming encourages interaction, discovery, trial-and-error. To know which language your kids will be interested in, you can check out the most popular programming languages. A player who plays more games is likely to master his skills over time. We will look at some of the coding games which help kids in creating new games while teaching them new technologies.

Top 15 Coding Games

1. Codewars 

Codewars offer lessons in over 20 different programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and SQL. Codewars has a unique approach to training. They practice ‘kata’ exercises which make them accelerate towards a complete proficiency of their code. Well-experienced users can use the vast library present there. They can also interact with others in the community for any query. This game also gives a trial period for the users.

2. CheckiO

CheckiO is one of the most popular coding games for learning JavaScript and Python. The game is roughly a decade old and has fun games to teach programming in a simple way. It can be a great tool even for kids who want to learn to program. In order to use the game, you need to login to the website and use codes to attack or ward off your enemies in the game.

3. Code Combat
CodeCombat is a medium to learn computer science while playing a real game. Here the kids learn programming and python coding in a gem-gathering dungeon battle with ogres! Code Combat does an excellent job of entertaining while teaching. Code Combat teaches kids to code with a multiplayer programming game.

4. CodinGame

CodinGame is a web application that is infused with solving puzzles and challenges by writing code. Over 20 languages are supported in this game like Rust, Go, and JavaScript. Each game or puzzle has a different theme such as shooting down planes from a turret that approaches too close. It has both single player and multiplayer options and takes part in leaderboards to get very deep into the competition.

5. Robocode

Robocode is a complex programming game where you code for the robot tans engaged in a battle with each other. The user has to code the AI that drives your robots to succeed using languages such as Java, C# and Scala. In Robocode, your task includes creating a virtual tank in either Java or another language, which you will send to fight the other user-generated robots.

6. Codehunt

Codehunt is a game that can be operated in either C# and Java. The game is designed to teach you the basics of whichever language you choose. Here you start with training, move through the next steps like loops and strings and finally ending with intermediate challenges like Cyphers and Puzzles. In this game, you have figure out how to win each level.

7. CodeMonkey

Code Monkey is an award-winning educational coding game that helps kids learn to code in a very simple manner. In each level, the kids have to use different codes to help the monkey reach their destination (bananas). Here the kid has to use his creativity along with some basic programming skills to complete his mission. It is suitable for beginners as its very simple with little complications and computer skills.

8. RoboZZle

Robozzle is as a puzzle game. This game uses a very interesting way to introduce programming ideas to the kids. It helps in teaching the kids the art of programming logic through a series of exciting and challenging community-created puzzles. There are many tutorials available which help your kids in creating their own games.

9. Cargo-Bot

Cargo-Bot is the first game developed using Codea an iPad app for creating games. The game is simple, the kids just have to use the crane to move boxes back and forth between platforms, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. It is a challenging game that makes the programming concepts easier for the kids. They use coding concepts like loops and debugging.

10. Lightbot
Lightbot is a programming puzzle game. The game focuses on helping the robot light up all the blue tiles on a 3D grid. The twist is that you have to do this in one run by programming your robot with a sequence of instructions. Lightbot explains concepts like planning, testing, debugging, procedures, and loops. Lightbot has been included in many schools to teach kids basic programming skills.

11. Bee-Bot
BeeBot helps a kid in learning programming language through instructions. It’s a very children-friendly game and is beneficial in teaching the kids controlling direction, and other programming skills. It is also helpful in enhancing kid’s Literacy, Science & Numeracy through a multitude of activities.

12. Kodable
This interactive user-friendly game teaches a kid the basic coding through fun and simple exercises that feel like playing a game from a simple level to an advanced one. This game of level helps in teaching programming concepts like conditions, loops, functions, and debugging. It does not use any text at all which makes it easier for younger children.

13. Codemancer
Codemancer is an educational game that teaches a kid the magic of coding. Kids will be learning to code through a fantasy world where a girl is trying to grow up and be independent despite the various obstacles. The game becomes more complex after some stages to introduce programming concepts like variables, conditionals, and functions.

14. Puzzlets
Puzzlets is filled with fun and challenges. It combines hands-on interactive gaming to form one seamless experience, engaging the mind and teaching the kids new ways of thinking. This game focuses on subjects like Chemistry, Math, Music, and Engineering and helps kids learn while having fun. These games lead in helping your kids think like a programmer while having fun.

15. Machineers
Machineers is an adventurous game that lets kid interact with broken machines, using coding principles and a drag-and-drop interface to fix them up. This game does not use any math or code so it makes a little difficult for the kids, but instead, it helps in training the children in logical thinking and procedural literacy which means they become more proficient in the ability to read and write processes

Coding games are a complete learning system that teaches kids to code. Kids begin experimenting with visual blocks, then progress to JavaScript and Python as they design games, build apps, and make incredible projects. The coding games at an earlier stage or at a young age prepare them for the future, where knowing CODING might not be just an option.

Programming comes easy for anyone having a deep interest in it. With the era of digitization at its peak, more and more people are trying to get familiar with coding. The most popular programming language remains JavaScript and it is the most used coding language.

If you want faster ways for your kid to be accustomed to coding, try out the “Kids Coding Introduction to HTML CSS and JavaScript” online tutorial. The course comes with 22 hours of video covering 4 major sections including topics such as boolean variables, if statements, HTML and body tag and more!

Alternatively, you can also try out the “Project-Based Python Programming For Kids & Beginners” which includes 5 hours of video covering 5 imperative sections. The course is designed in a way to make your child fall in love with programming.

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