Learn basic operations of MySQL on Xampp Server


In this session we will study MySQL database operations like create, update, select, insert, delete using xampp server .

  • So follow the steps given below :


    1. First of all install the Xampp server in your machine.


    1. Goto the xampp folder and open the xampp-control.exe file from it .

    1. Now start the Apache , MySQL and FileZilla module as shown below :

    1. Now open up the browser and enter the following url http://localhost/xampp/ , you will be navigated to the next window .

    1. Then click on phpMyadmin .

    1. The phpadmin window will be displayed:

    1. Click on the Databases tab present at the left hand side as shown below:

    1. The next window will be displayed .

    1. Now here you can enter the name of your database and click on Create button it will create your database which will get added to the recent databases list.


    1. Now click on the mydatabase (i.e The name of your database).

    1. After clicking on mydatabase the next window will get displayed.

    1. Name your table and the mention number of column you want to add and click on Go button.Enter the fields and save it.

    1. After clicking on the save button your table structure is created .


    1. Now if you want to insert the record in your table, click on the insert tab as shown .

    1. After clicking on the insert tab the next window will get displayed where you can insert the record into your table .

    1. After inserting the record click on Browse to see the table contents

    1. To trigger the queries in MySql database , click on the database name present at the left hand side as shown in the figure .

    1. Click on the SQL tab and you will get the following dialog box:-

    1. Here you can fire the sql queries:-
      For example : Use of update command to update the record in the table.

This will change the second record which has id=2 .

    1. Now click on the Browse tab , this will show us the updated table structure.-

    1. Similarly you can use the insert,select and delete command to perform respective operations on your table.


    1. For demonstrating a select command again select the SQL tab and write the query in it


    1. Similarly you can perform various operations on your database .


  1. Thus we have successfully performed basic operations of MySql on xampp server .


  1. i follow the Learn basic operations of MySQL on Xampp Server and i understand how to use that’s great but your image is not look good, so update it.
    thank you…


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