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Learn To Build Your First Laravel Application

Laravel Application

Laravel is a new PHP MVC framework. It was built for developing web applications and was introduced in 2014. The popularity of this framework exceeded in 2015 due to the response of web developers and clients around the globe. Laravel is an open source framework and it was released under the MIT license. Professional programmers of the time have known this fact that Laravel is one of the best PHP framework for web developers. It is the most appropriate and suitable framework for developing solid maintainable code.

If you ask me the code reliability and maintainability of Laravel, it has a good foundation and good community support behind it. That source is the PHP framework. Laravel has proved itself the best in a very short period of time. In the web development world, the demand for using Laravel is becoming more and more day by day. It is one of the popular PHP frameworks. It is one of the latest web applications which includes different and exciting features such speed, extension ability and quick institution. It is an open source web application and is free of cost.

The syntax of this framework is advanced and high quality. This makes the Laravel a very simple web development framework. Laravel is helpful for many of the web development industries like tourism, finance, education. The structure of Laravel is completely new and exciting. Laravel also offers the multiple files supporting system. Being a web developer, working with Laravel can be completely different and new experience for you.

There are many things that makes Laravel special from others. One of the best feature of the Laravel is its modular packaging system. The most important thing that developers always worry about is the time, which is why Laravel is so great as it saves a lot of time. There are many built-in functions associated with Laravel as well that helps in template engines, service layers and many more.
Function with Laravel
If you are a new web developer and for the first time you have to deal with Laravel, than this is the right place to know the details. First of all you need to install Laravel in your system. This can be done if you are familiar with composer.

Composer is a kind of tool that is used for the dependency management in PHP. The purpose of the composer is to declare libraries in your project.

Hence, first of all you will check that your composer is ready to install or not after that open up the terminal and write composer and with that press Enter.
By clicking Enter, you will get the following results.
Valid Composer
This message shows that the composer is already installed in your system.

So what if you do not get this output. Instead of worrying there will be two reasons behind this. The first thing is that may be composer is not installed in your system. The other possible reason is that you may not have entry into the system environment variable.

Once you are done with composer installation, the next step is to open your System Environment Variables. For this purpose you have to go to Path and then click on edit.

After that add the line given below to get the default installation directory:

One you are done with all these steps, the next step that will be waiting for you to open a CMD. Click the composer-version.

This will show you the composer version that has been installed. So, finally the setup was successful in the system this a greeting step.

Once you are done with successful composer installation. Then the next step is write command in command line.

composer global require “laravel/installer=~1.1”

Once you are done with this step, you need to create directory in apache24 or xamp directory. After that again go back to the command line and set the created directory.

In command line, write the following command:

composer create-project laravel

So, in this command Laravel is the name of project.

As a result, now you can create your first application and as many as you want being a web developer.

Here I want to tell you that Laravel uses the blade template. It is the default template of the Laravel. Blade is a very simple and powerful template. It consist of all the major tools that you will need while developing the application. Laravel has an excellent authentication system that makes it different from other web developing applications. The system of Laravel is well established from its syntax to the different tools. Being a web developer if you start using Laravel for the development of web application you will come to know that it has different exciting features that are different from other applications and the results that you get are more fined and narrow. Laravel can build the application with great productivity along with different features like managing guiding principles.

Among different PHP web development companies, Laravel has gained huge fame in a very less amount of time. Being a new web developer if you are not able to decide which framework you should start working than do not waste much time as Laravel is present for free of cost. Laravel can never disappoint you in it’s working. It is very easy to use and handle. The built-in lightweight different templates help the developers to work with great efficiency. Let me tell you one more thing that Laravel allows the Object Relational mapping as well.

I hope this guide will help you in understand the beginners guide to work with Laravel. This is the most basic and easiest guide of Laravel and being a professional as well as a beginner developer you can understand it well.


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