The World Of Marketing In The Eyes Of Students: Why I Chose “Marketing”

The World of Marketing in the Eyes of Students- Why I Chose Marketing

Marketing can be defined in many ways and approached differently depending on the business and prevailing circumstances. Directing the flow of goods and services from the producer to the customer involves strategic activities that are essential for business success. This is the whole essence of doing business – to make sales. Marketers need to understand the market and their target population. Professional help with online classes can help students become better marketers and stay relevant at all times. 

Customers will only engage and buy from you if they consider you helpful in the kind of solutions they are looking for. Therefore, you have to talk to people and build relationships. That is why I choose marketing because it is not one-sided. It is needed in almost every profession because it involves communication that will lead to the creation of revenue. This is the ultimate goal of every other profession.

My Passion for Marketing 

Taking a marketing course is more of a passion than a job for me. It’s more than just having a career in this field. The idea of doing a thorough exploration of buyer personas, customer perceptions, communication, data analysis, and messaging among other things intrigues me. Marketing skills can be used anywhere outside the usual business environment. It equips one to become a well-rounded critical thinker. 

As a marketer, I will have impeccable data analytical skills and again provide high-level thinking that utilizes the analysis results as a strategy. Right from the marketing basic knowledge, one becomes savvier and a lot helpful in any industry. This doesn’t limit me in any way to use my potential. I can easily adapt to any environment and succeed. Nothing beats the ability to diversify and remain relevant regardless of your setting and work environment.

What a Marketing Course Means to Me?

Just like any other training course, a marketing course can get me a direct job. With the skills earned, I can secure a job in public relations, marketing, and management. Well, we all can’t fit in marketing because some people want to pursue something else in other fields. Even with that, it is amazing that every student needs to learn something about marketing. 

Anyone looking for information and help with marketing can rely on the best dissertation writing services online. There are professionals there that can provide valuable information to anyone regardless of their background. For me, marketing is my main choice because: 

1. It will prepare me for the digital world.

The digital world is rapidly taking over. Every company needs marketing, especially in the digital space. Online marketing is a booming business that cannot be ignored even by tech gurus like Elon Musk. Some kind of promotion is required to get to the masses. 

2. It will help me sell ideas for change.

Non-profit organizations mainly have an objective to make the world a better place. Even though they are not for profit, they need a budget to realize these objectives. In that case, I believe marketing skills are essential for winning funding from donors. It is all in the ability to communicate your ideas articulately. 

3. I can influence others in making decisions.

Success and creating impact in what we do depends on the decisions we make. Having influence over those decisions is essential for success. Marketing is about convincing others about certain recommendations. If they can feel your efficacy, then you get to influence their decisions. 

4. Every business needs direct marketing.

Businesses in different spheres need communication to connect with their clients. This essentially is direct marketing. This is required in every career and that makes me relevant on many fronts. The doctor needs to sell themselves just like a construction company would. 

5. Marketing skills are evident and can easily be measured.

No amount of resume writing can tell how good you are in marketing. A reliable marketer can be seen from their presentation in their speech and confidence. All you need to do is highlight marketing projects you have done in the past to win your next job or opportunity. 

6. It helps in understanding competition.

Market research is essential for any marketer. In the process, you get to know the existing competition and how to win a larger customer base in the market. This is key for growth. 

7. It is easier to understand market dynamics with marketing skills.

There is a lot that goes on in the business. You can easily understand the other side of doing business, especially on the customers. Your decisions are precise because they are a priority in every step that you make. 

8. You become a good communicator with it.

Communication is everything when it comes to doing business. If you sound smart and articulate ideas and information effectively, people can easily trust you and contact you for business. You can only get better with this. 

9. Marketing is enjoyable and full of fun.

Imagine talking to people about products and services that you are already proud of. Not many college courses are fun but with marketing, it will open you up to new perspectives in life. The lectures in school are outside the norm because the teaching itself is from a marketing aspect. The professor should sell themselves to the students. Marketing becomes your life wherever and whenever. 

10. Marketing is at the center of everything.

At the mention of the term, ‘marketing’ thoughts are all over because everyone is looking for an audience and a target population. You cannot get it without marketing. Therefore, it is not a thing for medical representatives and other types of salesmen. The biggest concern of every entrepreneur is how people will get to know them and buy what they have. Therefore, marketing is at the center of everything we do for life. 

Marketing is everywhere for All

In conclusion, no one can distance themselves from marketing. Otherwise, there would be no reason for doing whatever we do for life. Marketing is at the back of an engineer, doctor, lawyer, teacher, and any other professional that you know of. There is no business without marketing. Everyone needs it and so do I. 

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