Networking and Security9 Reasons Why Non-Techies Should Use A VPN

9 Reasons Why Non-Techies Should Use A VPN

What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you hear the term virtual private network? Are you also of the belief that it’s a high technology that is of no use to an average consumer? Well, it’s time you debunk that myth. 

A VPN is essential as it offers countless benefits to companies as well as individual users. 

Whether you are traveling abroad or sending personal information to any other user online, make sure your transmissions are performed safely. This software provides you with a protected IP address and encrypts your data to ensure safe navigation. 

But there’s more to a VPN than just providing safe browsing. A VPN also allows you to enjoy geo-restricted streaming services across the world. 

This means that wherever you reside in the world, you can unblock any streaming platform you like, including HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime, DAZN, Disney Plus, and more.

So, whether you are wondering “can I watch peacock TV in Canada ” or “can I stream this movie safely”, just know that you definitely can.

However, if you’re not a techie and the above reasons aren’t enough, then below are all the reasons why you should use a VPN: 

Secure Navigation on Public Wi-Fi

Most of us are guilty of using public Wi-Fi but that can actually be quite dangerous considering the level of insecurity that brings. In your mind, you could simply be answering your emails or scrolling through the Instagram feed, but on the other end, someone else could be tracking your activities and possibly acquiring data. 

This is when the role of VPN steps in it ensures your browser history remains hidden while your passwords and other personal data remain protected. 

Protection from Your Internet Service Provider

Did you know that even when you are using your own Wi-Fi, your data is at risk? Your internet service provider – whom you pay hundreds of dollars every month for a subscription – can actually access all of your data without you ever figuring that out. In fact, they have all the eyes and ears on your activities, making your data extremely vulnerable. 

Now what they do with this data is completely up to their agenda; they could potentially sell it to advertisers. Now, if you want to protect your data from such dangerous activities, you can use a VPN to protect and hide your IP address. 

Privacy From Apps and Services

The Internet is a place where you are extremely vulnerable. All the services and apps that you use on a regular basis have the ability to compromise your private data. In this regard, Facebook has been called out several times for acquiring data from their consumers. A VPN will protect your IP address that they can use to track your activities and habits online. In addition, a VPN also limiteds your browser history and hides your geographical location.

Protected From The Government

The assumption that your internet service providers or even the apps that you regularly engage with don’t sell your data to governments is baseless and inaccurate. Although you can never outrun the government, you can bet that investing in a premium VPN is your best bet. A VPN essentially curbs the surveillance by governments and makes your connection safer. 

Quick Access to Content 

Hulu and HBO Max are a few streaming platforms that aren’t available in places outside the USA. But with a VPN connection, you can connect to a local server in the US and gain direct access without compromising your own data. What this does to a VPN is it spoofs your location. 

Secure Remote Working Conditions

The most common feature that a VPN is known for is its ability to encrypt your data. Some of the VPNs, like ExpressVPN and Surfshark, offer military-grade encryption ensuring your information remains confidential and hidden from malpractices. In this case, a VPN serves as a great investment as you get to work remotely without feeling your information is at risk. 

Easy Use

Of course, non-techies want to use the internet without feeling like it’s a hard task. They get intimidated by the introduction of new technologies. But a VPN is not like that. In fact, it is an extremely easy software to use. Being user-friendly the interfaces are easily comprehensible and easy to use. 

Quick Adaptability

VPNs are mostly used by companies and loaned to their employees while they continue their work efficiently. But laptops aren’t the only devices that you use a VPN on. In addition, phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and even routers are functional with VPNs. Find yourself a VPN that is compatible with as many devices as possible. 

Cost-Effective & Affordable

Most of the VPNs that you will come across would have the ability to spoof your location and IP Address. But another reason most airlines and business corporations invest in VPNs is that they are aware of their feasibility. And when they weigh the pros and cons together, they are forced to bow more towards the pros. Thus, investing in a VPN is not just secure but also affordable. 

In Conclusion

VPNs are essential as they provide you with several advantages at a reasonable cost. Not only will you get unlimited and protected access to content from across the web, but it is also easy to use with quick adaptability. Thus, secure your connection and find privacy from your internet service providers, apps, and services. 

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