Software DevelopmentEvolution Of DevOps And Its Future

Evolution Of DevOps And Its Future

DevOps or Development and Operations is a combined term representing the collaborative approach taken by a company’s application development and IT operations team to perform tasks. DevOps essentially helps in streamlining the communication among the groups in the organization. Additionally, it is a system of practices and a philosophy that integrates software development and IT operations. 

DevOps began as a movement in 2007 when it became essential for software developers and IT operators to have an easy flow of communication amongst themselves as the traditional software model wasn’t working for them anymore. Therefore, the purpose of DevOps was to merge both disciplines’ processes and practices into one continuous undertaking.

What is the Future of DevOps?

As we can see that DevOps has emerged as the new form of communication for most IT firms, so it is safe to say that DevOps has a promising future in the industry. Here are reasons why DevOps is going to be the next big thing in the coming years:

Security Field:

In security, more automation leads to more significant problems in automation.  As a result, any automation in this area must have inherent management, which opens many possibilities for DevOps. Therefore, DevOps’ implementation ensures the security of the product being created in production and even in test environments.  DevOps guarantees security processes that assure the integrity of the application and compliance with the company’s security requirements.

Addition of AI/ML in the DevOps Network:

The development of software was transformed with the integration of DevOps. This helps because DevOps combines testing and production environments, allowing developers to see issues before going live. Applying AI and machine learning to DevOps pipelines may help you execute and create automation more efficiently and control. People are transitioning from DevOps to DataOps and AIOps, which focus on using AI and ML to learn from logs and monitoring data to drive DevOps more regulated.

Automation accessible to every company:

Every company aspires to function like any IT company in today’s changing world. DevOps, in that case, will be the tool that will help them achieve the sales records and make business more efficient. It’s vital for increasing productivity and bringing out the most advanced software. As a result, DevOps approaches are now widely used in all modern businesses.

Container Technologies:

Container technology is progressing at a quicker rate than ever before. There are many ways to use containers to achieve various goals. To sandbox programs for security and resource constraints, containers can be used. Research is being conducted on containers per user or per session. This concept opens many possibilities for user security, system security, and user analytics. Containers will become more cost-effective to install as containerization technology progresses.

Platform as a Service:

Platform as a service (PaaS) is a rapidly expanding industry with room for several DevOps applications. Gone are the days when developers worried about putting together an entire application infrastructure. People nowadays want to know what platform their applications will run on. In terms of configuration management, continuous security, and containerization, DevOps has a lot of applications in offering PaaS solutions.

These are some of the most practical and emerging applications of DevOps technologies. It is safe to say that there will be one of the fortes in the coming days.

A Look into The Future of DevOps in 2022

As we discussed above, DevOps has a long future ahead for it. We will see new trends and growth in the pre-existing DevOps technology. 2022 will be a year of growth and development, so we should keep an eye out for the fresh leaves that this technology will turn.

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