Web Programming Tutorials10 Most Popular Programming Languages You Must Learn in 2015

10 Most Popular Programming Languages You Must Learn in 2015

15 Most Popular Programming Languages You Must Learn in 2015

Technologies change and evolve rapidly to meet scenarios and issues faced by large corporations and innovative start-ups. Programmers cater to an array of sectors, namely construction, logistics, Finance, Technology Multimedia and with rapidly changing technology scenario there is a huge demand for professional programmers in today’s job market. It can be a lucrative career option for someone with an interest in this field. New programming languages comes every year and only few are able to make a difference and pass the test of time. Some of them solve challenging problems and leads to new software development paradigms.

There are hundreds of programming languages in use and they all serve different purposes. Hence, I am writing this post with an intent to help the learners, amateur professionals and computer programming students get a better grasp of this subject to help them make a right choice.

Here is my list of top 10 programming languages currently dominating the computer technology field.

1) Server Side JavaScript – NodeJs, AngularJS and MeteorJs:
Today, JavaScript is widely been used as server side scripting language in Node.js, Angular.js and Meteor.js which are open source web application frameworks for developing server side applications.
Angular.js is maintained by Google and other developers and used to develop single page applications and also testing it.
Meteor is currently rising framework in JavaScript technology which is used to build web apps. The main feature by which it is gaining much popularity is that it can easily convert you web project into iOS or Android app.
Popular websites like Microsoft, Walmart, Yahoo, Groupon, LinkedIn, and PayPal are using Node.js. You can also check out our ‘Projects in Node.js’ course and start learning this technology from today.

2) JQuery:
JQuery is part of JavaScript library which is small, quick, with tons of features that makes things such as animation, event handling and manipulation in web browser easy to use and handle.
JQuery is a JavaScript library works on concept of “write less, do more”
The main aim of jQuery is to make use of JavaScript easily on your site.
JQuery also removes complexities form JavaScript with help of AJAX.
In recent days jQuery has become most flavored framework of JavaScript which is used by lot of web designers. It has seriously changed the techniques of writing JavaScript code. Almost 60% of websites uses JQuery including Adobe, Adobe, Intel, IBM and WordPress.

3) Java:
Java is an object-oriented programming language released in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. It is mainly used to write server-side applications which run data processing programs. For instance, Java is used to write electronic trading systems which are used in major banks and financial investment firms.  Java is also a popular programming language for developing software products and applications.  For instance, the applications on smart phones, J2ME applications, game consoles and desktop applications like Eclipse and Net beans are all built using Java.

Java is popular because it is reliable and secure. It is both compiled and interpreted programming language as it is platform-independent. You can also check our Java course which is free to enroll and start learning Java today.

4) Swift:
Swift is the newest programming language created by Apple for iOS and OS X development. It has gained much recognition for its relatively simpler syntax than Objective-C. Swift and Objective-C can both be used in a single program and by extension, C and C++, as well. Swift has been designed to work with Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa Touch Frameworks. It offers a feature called playgrounds, by which programmers can experiment with Swift code and see the results immediately, without the hassles of building and running an application.

Check out our Swift programming course to begin programming in Swift

5) C#:
C# is a multiple-paradigm programming language encompassing functional, object-oriented and component-oriented programming styles. It is a compiled language with several defining features, namely, boxing, unified type system, portability, Meta programming and more.

Today, C# is one of the most popular programming languages for designing on a Microsoft platform. Having said that, programmers proficient in C# are scouted to work as Windows phone developers. C# is useful in developing software components as well as writing applications for both embedded and hosted systems.

6) Ruby:
Ruby is a multi-paradigm and object-oriented language with distinctive attributes, such as dynamic typing and automatic memory management. Popular sites like Github and Scribd use Ruby. It has well-known features, such as centralized package management through RubyGems, Metaprogramming and built-in support for rational and complex numbers.
Ruby has usage across an array applications, such as:

  • Writing 3D modeling application, such as Google SketchUp.
  • Creating business management applications and facilitating system administration.
  • Designing popular web applications, such as Basecamp and Blue Sequence.

So if you are beginner and want to learn Ruby on Rails check for our Ruby on Rails course.

7) C++:

C++ is an object-oriented programming language and has influenced other languages, such as C#, Java and the latest version of C. It is a compiled language and is widely used in embedded devices, operating systems, games, graphic/video editors and more. Popular browsers like Chrome and Mozilla use C++. Bjarne Stroustrup developed C++ in 1983.

8) C:

It is also one of the most popular programming languages to develop operating systems. UNIX, Microsoft Windows, GNU/LINUX and Mac OS X were all written in C. Moreover, a lot of programming languages, namely Perl, Python and PHP were inspired from and built upon the basic concept of C.

It is a compiled language and C programs are run on calculators, smart phones and desktops. It is very popular among programmers for its distinguishing features, such as portability, memory allocation and more. Though it is not easy to learn C, mastering this language can be helpful in gaining an upper hand in today’s employment scenario.

9) R:
R is a multiple-paradigm, interpreted programming language used for statistical data analysis and graphical visualization of data. It was created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman in 1993.  R is used for building trading applications and predictive statistical models.  It is also widely used in statistical computing, trade simulations and software development. R primarily caters to statisticians, data scientists and data miners.

The language is vector-oriented and thus suitable for creating and defining data structures. R performs a crucial role in data analysis and is useful for studying and developing a company’s business analytics model.

10) Python:
Python is a popular programming language which supports procedural and object-oriented programming. It powers a lot of important sites, including NASA, Instagram and Pinterest.  It is embedded in several software products as a scripting language, including 3D parametric modeler like FreeCAD, 3D animation packages like Maya, Blender and MotionBuilder as well as 2D imaging programs, namely Inkscape and Scribus. It is popular for writing scripts for Esri’s ArcGIS, a geographic information system (GIS).

Many popular web application frameworks like Django and Pyramid as well as scientific and numeric computational environments, namely Scipy and IPython are created using Python. If you want to learn python programming you can check for our Python programming course.


Now, that this blog post has strengthened your knowledge base, you can go ahead and venture in to this career stream of programming. But, make sure that you consider your learning capabilities and your level of interest before you choose a particular language. The key is not just learning but mastering it to stay at the top of the game. Most importantly, thank yourself for reading this post and seeking some motivation.


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