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10 Best AI Chatbots Available Online

AI Chatbots

Anyone who has been into instant messaging in the early 2000s, remembers AOL’s chatbot that came with many different responses and could actually hold conversations with the user. From the simplistic answers then, these days chatbots have progressed to becoming more intelligent.

The advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has progressed to the point where chatbots are not only able to hold conversations, but they can also perform tasks for you that they deem necessary for you. Using a simple command, these chatbots can now pay your bills, order you food, take care of your transportation needs, and so much more.

These smart chatbots are now being integrated into customer service, to help customers get what they want – faster and efficiently. More innovations are now being introduced into Chatbots, making them quirkier, smarter and more human. In that spirit, here are 10 amazing chatbots that are currently on the market.

1. Duolingo
Duolingo has already made a name for itself as a brilliant website and app to learn a new language. It offers over 100 different languages that you can learn using a series of pictures, texts and so on. Now, it’s ventured forth into AI with its chatbot, which allows its users to have actual conversations to develop their speaking skills. Language is often easier to learn when you have conversations with someone, but confidence becomes a huge problem when someone is learning a new language. This bot is a great solution that ensures you not only converse in the language selected, but it also corrects you when you are wrong.

2. Rose
Rose is a chatbot that won Loebner Prize in 2014 and 2015 and is recognized as the most human-like chatbot. This basically means that Rose is a fast learner and she responds according to what you type back to her. If you don’t want to type, but instead want to talk, you can record your responses to her. Her webpage is quite simple, but don’t be fooled by that. She’s a sassy robot that has got a brilliant answer for anything you might have to say!

3. Mitsuku
Mitsuku is a great bot for the loners out there who wish they had someone to talk to 24/7. And now you can! Mitsuku is the Loebner Prize winner for this year and is currently one the most smartest chatbots on the market. Mitsuku learns from human behavior and interaction, which means that as more people talk to her – the smarter she becomes. Mitsuku has been designed to chat about anything and has not been designed for specific task, but rather just human interaction.

4. Melody by Baidu
Melody by Baidu
Baidu, a popular web services company in China, released a brand new AI-powered conversational bot, that collects information to help doctors recommend treatments to their patients. Designed to help bridge the gap between patients and doctors, this bot allows the patients to list all their symptoms on the app, which is then forwarded to the doctor – who can then provide a proper diagnosis of the patient’s condition when they visit. It allows patients to feel closer to their doctors and eliminates the uncomfortable interactions at the doctor’s office. It’s a great bot that continues learning, as more people chat with it about their symptoms and their conditions.

5. Prisma
This smart bot adds more fun to digital photography. If you’ve heard of the Prisma photo app, then this addition is a great thing to have. This bot allows you to send your photos through Telegram and tell the bot to put the filters that you want. Or, you can simply download the bot and modify your photos by adding filters and editing your photos through the app.

6. Poncho
Are you one of those people who check the weather before you leave the house? If yes, then you will love this smart bot! Poncho is a fun cat that will send you quirky and funny updates regarding the weather. But that’s not all – in addition to the weather updates it also collects information on pollen, traffic, bad hair day, etc. Once, you download this app, you will definitely never go to back to looking at the boring weather.

7. GymBot
If you are like me and hate keeping track of your workouts, or have to struggle with lists and playing with the notes on your phone – it’s enough to turn you off from working out all together. However, Gymbot makes working out extremely easy. GymBot is Facebook Messenger Bot that allows you to track your statistics. It also allows you create easy lists, by simply sending a message to the bot.

8. Insomno bot
Insomno bot
For all the insomniacs out there that cannot sleep or need to tire out their brain, well then we have a new friend that can help you pass the time. Insomno bot is a simple chatty-cathy that will send you quirky and funny replies that will keep you entertained.

9. Dr A.I.
Dr. A.I.
Dr. A.I. is a simple and easy to use bot that asks the patient their symptoms, adding follow up questions and designing a complete user’s health profile to compute related causes of the symptoms. The number of searches online that are related to medical symptoms have increased, with more people looking up their symptoms online to self diagnose. However, the internet only offers a series of ailments or related symptoms, which are not tailored for the user. However, Dr. A.I. does exactly that. This helps a great deal when you want to discuss your health and condition with your doctor.

Disclaimer: – Do not self-diagnose your ailments using this app!

10. ChatterBot
This is different from the other bots, where this is not designed for the end user but rather for the developer. ChatterBot is a Python library that makes it easy to generate automated responses to a user’s input. It incorporates machine learning algorithms to produce different types of responses, making it easy for developers to create chatbots. The best part is that bots designed with ChatterBot start of with no knowledge of how to communicate, but they learn with each message sent to them.

These are just some of the many different bots that are currently taking up the market by storm. A lot of companies are also now incorporating the chatbots into their customer service departments, to make user experience more seamless. The age for Artificial Intelligence is now upon us and it’s not long until AI bots become embedded into our home systems, where your fridge will talk back to you to let you know that you are running out of milk or eggs.

Let us know your thoughts, ideas and questions in the comments section below. Share with anyone who you think would enjoy learning more about these new bots!


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