Artificial Intelligence10 Best Artificial Intelligence Tools

10 Best Artificial Intelligence Tools

The future is artificial intelligence and top-level companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc are extensively investing in this field. People these days are continuously searching for ways to make their lives simple and easy. AI is the only way to make it a reality.

Below are 10 best AI tools which can make your life a lot easier.

1. Grammarly
Impeccable grammar, rich vocabulary and style are imperative for perfect content writing strategy, sending proposals to investors and formulated communication with customers. Flawless content promotes your organization as well-qualified and reliable.

Grammarly is one of the best tools to achieve this. It is a writing improvement application backed by machine learning algorithms which identify grammatical and stylistic errors, incorrect sentence structure and various other English language errors which otherwise only a professional proofreader can help you correct. Grammarly offers two versions i.e., paid and unpaid.

The paid version comes with plagiarism detection as well as various other features for a certain price whereas the basic version offers limited features like spell check, syntax and punctuation editing.

2. Nudge
It is a smart sales program which utilizes artificial intelligence to give sales units actionable insights regarding their target customers. Nudge provides source data and social media updates on the target customers by refining extensive information available over the web.

Furthermore, it gives insight into which person from the team has better access to decision-makers at target organisations. Nudge assists sales professionals in developing genuine and trustworthy relationships with customers. Nudge comes with add-on chrome extension, Slack as well as Salesforce integration.

3. Amy
Amy is the latest chatbot created by to help entrepreneurs who are busy managing routine meetings, communicating with clients, workers and investors. It is a personal assistant which assists you in managing as well as saving your valuable time for remaining crucial tasks. The chatbot on accepting a meeting request will schedule time, place and rest of the aspects of your meeting through email or any other communication medium.

This chatbot solution makes life simpler without going through the hassles of downloading any app or creating any account.

The chatbot comes in a paid and a free version. The unpaid version offers five meetings per month whereas the paid version comes with unlimited meetings, quick access and separate team accounts.

4. Crystal Knows
Crystal provides sales teams with personality outlines for everybody they establish contact with. It draws profile data from the internet by going through websites like LinkedIn, Salesforce, etc. Crystal provides access to this information and renders sales professionals with persona-specific email templates established on the receiver’s persona. This kind of information will improve sales pros communication with customers, investors, workers and prospects. It can be integrated with email apps and web as well as desktop-based software apps too. It also gives sales phrase suggestions and templates making it simple to use.

5. Pi
A creation of Post Intelligence, Pi is a social media handler and assistant which helps you to develop your social media content strategy. To use this, you first have to link your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook) with it and then it will give analyses of profiles, posts and comments of your followers, and gathers a list of trending themes and topics.

It performs sentiment analysis which interprets social media information into immediate advice about which themes, emotions, graphics and tone will give more engagement with the audience. It also suggests what will be the right time to publish and delivers insights related to post-performance of the posts.

6. Legal Robot
This artificial intelligence tool guides you through the complicated and blurred cosmos of legal agreements. Based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, this tool makes top-level legal standards devised from a massive amount of contracts which includes a wide spectrum of industry scenarios and cases. To make it easier for the layman to understand legal phrases and terminology, the tool changes the difficult legal language into simple and non-technical one. It also enhances readability as well as uniformity of the contracts and ensures the compliance of contracts with best models and practices.

7. Tetra
Keeping records of calls received and recalling long discussions can be a difficult task for an entrepreneur who takes a big number of calls on regular basis. Tetra solves this issue with its quick speech recognition and universal language converting algorithms which translates calls into searchable records. As soon as the call ends, it will send you a complete synopsis of your communication directly to your inbox. It also shoulders two-way spokesman identification to distinguish who said what.

8. Troops
This tools aids sales teams in automating the workflow and connects it with other departments like Marketing, Content, etc.

It gathers data from Salesforce and sends it to a Slack channel. Through troops, you can create dashboards, generate reports, and alerts which keep different departments in the loop about what is happening in real-time.

9. HubSpot Content Strategy Tool
This tool by HubSpot aids marketers in finding new content ideas which give results and approves the content strategies in the most practical manner possible. It gives suggestions regarding which topic to pursue after analysing competitors and its significance. It also does competitor analysis itself and helps in developing successful content marketing campaigns.

10. Curata
This tool assists marketers in finding and distributing outsourced content. The tool utilizes machine learning with NLP, to know about user content choices and discover more content which agrees with these preferences. After finding the content, the tool itself will compile all the content for quick sharing.


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