Java Collections Framework

Introduction to Java Collections Framework

In the earliest JAVA versions (before JAVA 2), there was support for collection objects such as Dictionary, Properties, Stack, and Vector. These Java classes...
Java Language Glossary

Check out Glossary terms of Java Programming Language

In this article, we're going to go over some final glossary terms about Java's language system in order to give you a fuller understanding...
Java (10) - OOP in Depth

Learn more about Object oriented programming in Java

When you create a class, you are said to encapsulate functionality inside that class. That is, any object that is instantiated from this class...
Our First Program in Java

Writing our First Program in Java Programming Language

After paving the ground, we are ready to start building on it. Our first Java program will print a simple hello message to the...
log4j framework

Learn about the Architecture of log4j framework

In the last article, we discussed the log4j logging mechanism overview, features and its installation. In this article, we are going to discuss the...

Learn about Method Overloading in Java

  In the previous article, we have talked about Method Recursion. We have supported our talks by building a Recursive Search Application. Let’s go back...
Restful web services

Learn How to build Restful Web Services using Spring

There are many ways to build Restful web services but among them, the Spring Framework offers some comparative advantages. While building a Restful web...
Kotlin & Spring

Beginners Guide To Couchbase With Kotlin & Spring

Couchbase server is an open source, multi-model NoSQL document-oriented database. Perhaps, it won’t be wrong to say that it is a merger of two popular NoSQL technologies: ...
Java (11) - Method Recursion 740X296

Learn about Method Recursion in Java Programming

In the previous article, we had a look at methods, and how they represent blocks of code that gets executed as one unit. You...
Java Stream Collectors

Functionality and Uses Of Java Stream Collectors

With Java 8, we were introduced to a new abstraction called Stream, using which we can process data in a declarative manner. This, when...
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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence- PixtoPix-Gan

How AI Algorithms Have Changed the Car Marketplace Online?

Traditionally, the car marketplace has been a face-to-face industry, trailing behind most other industries in the shift to online transactions. While websites for buying...
AI In Finance- Featured Image

Benefits & Risks of AI in Cloud: The Watchdog Defending Digital Networks

Chief Information Officers are tasked with protecting their companies’ network from cyberattacks, and it’s likely as a CIO you’ve been involved in some serious...
Artificial Intelligence in The Next Five Years, AI, ML, AI Future

Artificial Intelligence Future- Next 5 Years Can Be the Game Changer!

According to Gartner, by the year 2021, the AI augmentation will help in procuring around 6.2 billion hours of productivity along with a business...