Learn How Errors Are Handled Without Use Of Exceptions In Scala

Errors in code development cannot be completely eliminated. It is therefore necessary for a mature programming language to avail mechanisms for dealing with errors...
Data Structures

Learn How To Use Packages And Data Structures In Scala

Packages are units that are used to organize code. Entities that can be contained in packages include classes, traits and objects. Using packages has...

Learn How To Run Machine Learning Algorithms Using Spark

This tutorial builds on previous tutorials that demonstrated how to set up an Amazon cluster running spark and how to install Spark on a...

Learn How Data Types And Operators Are Used In Scala

The data types available in Scala are similar to those available in Java and other modern programming languages. To use data types effectively in...
Scala Programming

A High Level Overview Of Scala Programming Language

Scala is a computer programming language originally developed by Martin Odersky. The language combines object oriented and functional programing approaches for flexibility. The language...

Learn How To Use Functions And Methods In Scala

Scala provides both methods and functions to organize code and accomplish tasks. Although methods and functions are sometimes used interchangeably to refer to the...

Learn How To Set Up A Scala Development Environment

To develop programs in Scala you have several integrated development environments (IDE) to choose from. Most mature options available are Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA....

Learn How to write user defined functions in Python

Functions are nothing but a block of re-usable code to perform a specific task. It helps in code re-usability and modular application design. In...
Python Tutorial – Advanced Topics_11

Learn how to use Python as a Web Developing Language

So far, we have seen how Python could be used as a scripting language, Object-Oriented Programming language, and GUI Applications factory. Now, we will...
Python Tutorial – Advanced Topics

Learn the concept of Modules in Python

A Module is a script file containing Python code to be reused. From this short definition we can see that the main purpose of creating...
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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in The Next Five Years, AI, ML, AI Future

Artificial Intelligence Future- Next 5 Years Can Be the Game Changer!

According to Gartner, by the year 2021, the AI augmentation will help in procuring around 6.2 billion hours of productivity along with a business...
Building Neural Networks with PyTorch

The Next Step: Building Neural Networks with PyTorch (Part 2)

As the world battles out the COVID-19 pandemic, our sincere prayers are with the families of the affected. But as the great Benjamin Franklin...
Leading Artificial Intelligence Applications

Leading Artificial Intelligence Applications!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful technology that is growing fast with findings in new AI applications in various industries. Figures from Gartner show...

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