Top benefits of DevOps For Business

DevOps For Business: Top Benefits That You Should Know

DevOps has undoubtedly grown in popularity and acceptance in recent years, which is for a good reason. The advantages of DevOps outweigh the disadvantages,...
Importance of Blockly for Kids Programming

Importance Of Blockly For Kids Programming

Blockly is one of the best visual programming languages. It is quite similar to Scratch and follows a block-based approach for programming. Visually learning...
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Artificial Intelligence

What are Deep Neural Networks?

What Are Deep Neural Networks?

The most common jargon in the field of Artificial Intelligence is the ‘Neural Network’. This is a part of Artificial Intelligence where predictive models...
Changes in Robotics During Pandemic

Changes In Robotics During Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic had caused an immense ripple effect that forced individuals and companies across the globe to rapidly pick up cashless payments, contactless systems...
Will AI, ML & Automation be the Main Reason for Unemployment?

Will AI, ML & Automation be the Main Reason for Unemployment?

Corporations, both large and small, have been slowly but surely incorporating AI-backed technologies and ML-driven systems in order to automate their business processes and...